It’s All the Greens’ fault… but really it’s not

Hmmm let’s see:

The Australian Greens started as a party in 1992, almost all bans to grazing in national parks happened before this time. 

Kosciuszko National Park grazing was ceased in 1958 in all areas above 4,500. In 1972 grazing ceased in all parts of the national park.

Brindabella National Park: was declared as a national park in 1996. Grazing was never permitted in the park.

Namadgi National Park: Grazing has been banned in the catchment area since 1917, banned throughout the park since 1990.

Baw Baw National Park: Grazing ceased in the early 80s after recommendations by the Land Council in 1977.

Mount Buffalo: Was first ceased in early 1980s, along with Baw Baw.   Was again banned in 2005 by the Labor Bracks government, and finally in 2015 by the Labor Andrews government.

Snowy River National Park: Ceased throughout the park following a recommendation by the Land Council in 1987

Avon Wilderness Park: Grazing ceased in 1991 following recommendations made my the Land Council in 1979

The greater Alpine National Park: Mt Bogong in 1955, Mt Feathertop in 1958, before the park was even declared. 1989 and 1991 Wonnangatta Station and many other areas in the park in 1988. And some other areas in the 1998 and 2003 to assist with recovery from fires in those years, years where grazing was permitted in the areas ravaged by fire.


Further reading includes which determines that grazing does little to nothing in the face of eucalypt fires.

With regard to the Alpine National Park, one of the last to see these changes, an attempt to ban grazing was thwarted by the Federal Government in 2012/13 when the feds overruled the state and allowed a “Scientific Study” to take place. This was overruled again by the Labor Andrews state government when they simply refused to reissue licenses in 2015; effectively banning the practice by agreeing to NEVER issue licenses to graze cattle in the park in the future.

Interestingly in contrast to the sentiment of the above post, grazing was permitted in the park for years prior to the massive fires that swept through the Alpine National Park in 2002/03 and 2006/07. So clearly the grazing of cattle did little to mitigate the threat of fire.

In short, the cows eat grasses. They don’t eat the fallen trees and branches that form most of the fuel for these fires. And once the eucalyptus canopy is alight there is little to stop the fire, what’s on the ground no longer matters once the fires are going at full force, trees have been seen to literally explode as the radiant heat approaches.

Why the Greens, who have never really held enough seats to be decision makers in both the House and Senate of the Federal or State governments can be held accountable is beyond me.

And of course, let’s not be bothered with the facts: If you read the policies of any of the State or Federal Green parties, you see they never call for the cessation of back-burning or clearing of land to prevent bushfires. All they have stated is that it should be done in a more coordinated way with proper oversight. One of the fires in NSW during this current rash of fires was the result of a back-burn that got away from those conducting it!

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