Hole in my Gut

Had an ultrasound this morning on what is likely a small hernia in my abdomen. While waiting for the ultrasound I checked out how they do laparoscopic hernia repair for this type of hernia on YouTube, it’s amazing:

  1. The things you can find on YouTube… think of a surgery and it is there if you’re ever interested. I remember when a friend called to say they were having their gallbladder removed I was watching a surgery on YouTube before we finished our call.
  2. They can fix a hernia now via a couple of (extra) holes in your gut, a bit of mesh and some titanium staples
Watch it, maybe not on your lunch break, though it is quite a clean surgery.

Sadly way back when I was 19 and had a inguinal hernia it was repaired through open surgery and I have a massive scar… I still remember going back to my surgeon for my six month check up and his happy quip… “should have held on, we’ve just started doing these laparoscopically”! 🥺

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