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The Year 12,020

It’s hanging on the wall and I can’t wait for year 12,020 to begin. 

I’ve wanted to get the Kurzgesagt calendar for the longest time, but they always sold out before I could grab one. Finally it is adorning our walls.

Looks like they have now sold out on the US store, but the calendars are still available on the EU store.

I’d be happy if they print the cover inverted next year, so while it’s waiting on the wall to be opened it will appear the right way up! 🧐 I mean, just look at it, the cover, with its lovely foiling is gorgeous, but it’s upside down. 🙃

Image by Kurzgesagt
Image by Kurzgesagt
Image by Kurzgesagt

If you don’t know Kurzgesagt you’re missing out. Our friend Anthony put me onto their YouTube channel a few years ago and impatiently wait between their videos being released. They have covered topics from the space in between atoms, universal basic income, overpopulation, black holes and other space phenomena, consciousness, the ins and outs of the human body, time… I could go on, but hopefully you get the point that they have covered a lot of topics via their rather in-depth videos. Check out Kurzgesagt on YouTube.

I also have a couple of their posters waiting to be framed, I’m hoping if we ever get into our office they will be on our walls there.

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