Mac Pro or new House, you decide!

The All New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

So who’s lining up to get a Mac Pro? The “cheese grater”, fully-speced including the screen and stand, will run you almost $100,000, so I’m sure you’re all asking Santa for one this year. đŸ¤“

She is mighty pretty and if I had the cash I’d have been first in line. I can only imagine how awesomely Photoshop runs on this thing, not to mention video editing on it!

In fact, the demos, the specs, the everything about it screams that it has been build with the movie industry and video editing in mind, and well, I don’t do enough of that, nor am I paid highly enough for that kind of work to warrant the kind of spend it would take to get a set up like this on my desk.

You can of course get a much less specced out version for about $10,000 + $9,999 for the screen + $1,699 for the stand for the screen. So a minimum buy is a small car… the biggest is a chunk of a house (or a Tesla).

I think I’ll stick with my iMac Pro with two additional screens for now, which probably still ran us about $10,000.

An older photo of my desk, it’s a lot messier than this right now.

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