Gratitude Journal

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction by Kurzgesagt

Watch the video above, it may be a great eye-opener into what ails you if you’re feeling melancholy.

But you can’t get their Gratitude Journal yet because it’s all sold out. You can join an email list to be advised when it come back in stock.

I bought one, probably the last available šŸ¤­. Going to give it a go, could have done it with just plain paper but Kurzgesagt’s stuff is so darn pretty so I had to have one.

Kurzgesagt's Gratitude Journal
Kurzgesagt’s Gratitude Journal
Kurzgesagt's Gratitude Journal
Inside pages of the Kurzgesagt Gratitude Journal

I may actually still do it on plain paper… I have a couple of lovely notebooks around in which I haven’t dared to touch pen out of fear I’ll just ruin its beauty with my dodgy handwriting.

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