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Flickr was the first major photo-sharing platform in the world, you may not know, it actually started as part of a video game… “Game Neverending“, players basically had to “collect” things by taking photos of them… well that game didn’t ever see the light of day; but Flickr was birthed from its ashes.In recent times it has obviously found competition in Facebook, Instagram, 500px, etc and it hasn’t been able to sustain itself, even while being, in my opinion, a much better platform for photographers.

  • Instagram: only hosts small files, with little engagement, it has become “tap-tap scroll”, and little else.
  • Facebook: now officially the world’s largest image sharing platform, does horrible things to our images. It crunches them and ads artefacts into the files, it’s a constant struggle to try and figure out the right way to upload your images so they look the best.
  • 500px: recently sold to a Chinese company and wants to be a user-generated stock library more than anything else.

Flickr continues

Sold by Yahoo (via Verizon) to SmugMug it’s losing money and a letter today from SmugMug is a call-to-arms to the photography community to try and keep the lights on.

Flickr gives us large images, the ability to see an artist’s work in all its digital glory. It gives us groups and galleries, it is better for photographers that Facebook will ever be. I’m personally sad to see it in decline.

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