Elgato HD60S

Elgato HD60S HDMI Video Capture Device
Elgato HD60S HDMI Video Capture Device

I recently acquired an Elgato HD60S HDMI capture card device. It’s mostly used for streaming gaming, as seen from my recent streams of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Luigi’s Mansion 3 game play.

However, I thought it would be great for capturing the back of the camera when doing “how-tos” for photography stuff. I have a few planned.

In light of our recent meeting at our camera club about time lapses I put together a quick video about setting up the interval shooting for my Sony AR7 MkIII.

It’s also letting me get used to hearing my own voice… which I hate.

I guess I don’t actually know when I’ll get around to making all the content I want to make. Don’t be too hard on me. 🤓

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