Big Feet!

New Balance 860v9

We stopped into the New Balance clearance store in Collingwood, hoping to find a new pair of shoes for me, it’s not easy to find shoes when you have big feet. It has been a bane of my existence since I was about 12 and had a size 13 shoe.

After trawling the shelves looking scanning for “15” in any style … beggars can’t be choosers and all that … I finally asked the sales staff and she said: “I think we have one, I remember seeing in on the invoice yesterday. It’s probably out the back I’ll go and take a look.”

And that’s when the wait begins, the anxiety of which shoe will she return with, just how ugly will it have to be to have been sent off to the clearance store.

While we were waiting David noticed a massive shoe up on the shelf, it looked like a prop of some kind, but today I got to understand what it feels like to have smaller feet. My size 15 next to a size 20!

My ‘tiny’ size 15 shoe.

When the sales person returned I was pleasantly surprised by the style of shoe she returned with. Of all the things on the shelf it was probably the one style I was hoping for. As David said, “Everything’s coming up Jamie” on this day. A rare find indeed and for only $140 for the pair.

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