All These Darn Socks!

In our workplace, we go through a lot of socks. 

Our office is our home, at the moment, and we don’t exactly get dressed up and put shoes on to “go to work”, mostly we roll out of bed, go to our desks, and work.

Being on tiled floors it’s best to have something on your feet less your feet dry out. Sometimes it’s uggs, but more often than not it’s socks… so we go through a few.

David has a thing about socks with holes so he attempts to throw them out while I’m not looking. But it’s waste that I never would have even considered as a kid. 

When I was young the remedy for a sock with a hole wasn’t the bin: it was a needle and thread. I remember mum had a “darning mushroom” and we’d use it for mending socks and I actually used to love doing it.

My philosophy is repair rather than rubbish, so I ordered my own darning mushroom today.

Darning Mushroom and darning kit I bought from

Of course you can just sew the hole closed without one, but having the curved surface of the mushroom means you don’t end up with as harsh a sewing line, less irritation on the tootsies. I have a small pile of socks awaiting their resurrection. 🙃

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