Who wants to buy a dodgy house?

45 Tilley Drive, Maddingley - A turkey of a house

House next door is finally up for sale, no mention of the slab heave or the more than 2 years of work that’s been done on the house to mitigate the issue of all the cracked pipes and sewage leakage. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course according to the guy who used to live there, before he was silenced by his settlement with the building company, the official independent building report said the only correct way to deal with the issues of the house was to tear it down. I pity the poor folks who buy the turkey of a house.

He fought with them for 7 years, they moved him out a few times in over the years to do more extensive work and still they needed to do 2 more year’s work AFTER they finally settled with him.

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