Yesterday’s Office

Irrewarra Sourdough

This was our office yesterday… we weren’t there to take photos rather to discuss Irrewarra Sourdough’s new website which we are in the final stages of development.

But while there I threw the drone up to see the best vantage points for photography once we do go back to take some photos for them once the landscaping at the front of the building (this is the back) is complete.

The wind was insane in Irrewarra yesterday. The breaks in the clouds you see here were there literally for the time I snapped the shots. It was grey and raining again by the time I got the drone to return to me against the strong winds.

While we were down that way we also visited the vineyards of By Farr Wines and talked with them about their new site and some more photography/videography we need to take for it.

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