Tacos for Breakfast

The Coventry’s Breakfast Tacos

Tacos for breakfast… David is having eggs Benedict which look to be cooked to perfection.

We went to The Coventry for breakfast before hitting up Scorptec for David’s new mechanical keyboard.

The tacos were quite spicy, pairing them with chai tea may have been inadvisable. The day was a little dreary.

South Melbourne Market across from The Coventry

We followed up South Melbourne with a stop in at Kathryn’s to take a look at her computer, bringing along the box of doughnuts you can see above. She was having issues with some of her Photoshop Plugins since she updated to the new MacOS Catalina.

Kathryn just needed the newer 64-bit versions of her plugins and it was all fixed.

We stopped in at the strawberry farm on the way home.

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