Poor Porter

A consult room at the Bacchus Marsh Veterinary Clinic
A consult room at the Bacchus Marsh Veterinary Clinic

A visit to the vet for Porter. She’s a sick little kitty, the vet has taken her away to ultrasound her bladder.

She has been peeing a lot and sometimes containing blood, so we took her up right away.

She ended up staying overnight. Her urine sample was sent off to check for infection and while none was found a diagnosis of Cystitis was given. It’s essentially inflammation of the bladder, a kind of catch-all.

Our cat Porter

All up it cost us $580 to fix the cat, she is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. And you can likely imagine how much she doesn’t like having tablets shoved down her throat.

The advice was that she should lose some weight, advice we all hear in this house, well except Edie, our other cat. The cats share a food bowl and it would seem that Porter is eating the lion’s share. Edie on the other hand is super skinny, but she likes it that way, it lets her easily bound over our seven foot high fences.

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