Paper Bag Challenge

Peggy the peg lady stands over her murdered husband peg

Every year at Williamstown Camera Club we have one night on which we have a “Paper Bag Challenge“. The idea behind the Paper Bag Challenge is to do just that, challenge the members to think on their feet and make and image with an item they didn’t know about until they opened their paper bag.

Typically only one member of the committee knows what is in the bag so that we can maximise the fun for all.

After trying out a few ideas, Neil made this lovely peg-lady* ‘Peggy’; Robert and Anthony acted as light stands. On seeing the long shadows I knew we had to go with a “film noir” edit.

The image here “Peggy” is my group’s attempt for the evening. You can see more on the Williamstown Camera Club Website. I think ours was the best through.

I heard rumblings this year that some members didn’t attend because they just don’t like the night. I really enjoy our Paper Bag Challenge nights, it puts us on the spot to make images there and then, working in groups and with brought and found objects. Watching the members work together to make images, seeing all the ideas we come up with and put into practise is very cool.

Massive thanks to Karen for organising our Paper Bags and their contents for last night’s meeting.

**I think Neil has a future in hair dressing, just checkout Peggy’s lovely locks.*

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