Don’t Quote Me On This

I’m probably a very annoying person to be around. I pull quotes from movies ALL THE TIME! Usually in response to a phrase or word.

Just a very few of the many, many strange things I say, I can’t even think of most of them off the time of my head, they are triggered by events and just happen, but here’s a couple:

When someone says “Nothing”… I’ll reply “Nothing, nothing, nothing tra la la”- Labyrinth 
When I realise the front door has been left unlocked when we’re about to go to bed… “We’ll all be murdered in our beds come what may” – The Pirate Movie
When someone says “Violated”; I’ll exclaim “Violated, you know what I mean, Violated?”- Chicago

Well, for the most part David knows what I’m going on about. He has either seen the movies I reference, or has osmotically absorbed the information by proximity via my repetitive viewing of said sources.

Turns out there is one movie I also quote, and one particular phrase that comes up more often than you may think… sometimes in response to a word being said, sometimes because someone is driving too fast, or sometimes because someone is walking too slow and I have to zoom around them…

“It’s a racing snail”

Teeny Weeny: The NeverEnding Story

I sometimes say… yes I’m weird, but I’m pretty sure most folk will know where that one comes from, but turns out you learn things about your partner all the time. Tonight I found out David has never seen the movie that is the source of that bit of dialogue that springs forth from my lips many times. I probably have not watched it in the last 22 years so unlike the others the has not been exposed to it by me, but seriously, who hasn’t seen the movie!

And there’s some insight into my brain; this little quirk, which I am quite sure is not unique, is certainly something that I do all the time.

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