Client Launches

We’re off to a client launch today… we very rarely do this. Our client is launching their new brand, new site, and new clinic.

Incidentally, it’s a client we’ve had, through our previous company, for over 13 years and we’ve ALWAYS been banned from even saying that we work with them. That includes having our name on their site, even in code, talking about them being our client with other potential clients, and having case studies written about the work we’ve done with them.

Their reasoning being: 
1. they are paying us to do the work we do, 
2. they spend a lot of money on advertising and building their brand so they don’t want others essentially riding their coat-tails.

We’ve always accept these terms. 

We’ll David is clearly a very nice person to work with, because without us prompting the client in question has given us permission to put our name on their site… it was a great compliment for David and a testament to the relationship he has built with the client.

Thing is, David isn’t keen on putting our name on the site now… only because we didn’t design the site, or branding, and also because there is not really a logical place in the new design to place our name that won’t impede the design. ☺️

So even if we don’t put our name there, we’re still pretty happy to have the client recognise all the hard work that has gone into their site, now, and over the past decade.

I note I haven’t mentioned the client here, only because I don’t want their name directly related to this text, but I’m sure there will be an announcement in a couple of days.

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