Black Friday 2019

I say F*CK OFF to all of these businesses who are having Black Friday sales that read like “15% OFF EVERYTHING*” then have in much smaller letters… “Exclusions apply”

That’s not EVERYTHING numbnuts!

Further it seems that the big camera retailers are doing this, both Teds and Digidirect, and BOTH are excluding the majority of camera lenses and the new camera bodies, which are of course the things most people want to buy.

It should be illegal for them to say “EVERYTHING” in a headline of a sale when it is clearly not most things… just look at Ted’s exclusion list:

“*Excludes Canon lenses, Fujifilm GFX and GF lenses, Instax Mini 9 Moments Kit, ProFoto, Panasonic Lumix GH5, S1H and S Lenses, Nikon Coolpix, D850, D3500, D5600, Z50 and Z 85mm, 24mm lenses, Olympus EM5 MK3, Sony A7 MKIV, A9 MKII, A6600, RX100M7 and Sony lenses, GoPro cameras, DJI, Blackmagic, Giftcards, Total Care Packages, and Tamron 28-75mm.”

I can’t share Digidirects because being the dodgy buggers they are they don’t seem to list them anywhere I can easily find.

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