Spicks and Specks Taping

Spicks and Specks Question Card

Had a fun evening watching an awesome episode of Spicks and Specks being filmed. I want to go to TV filming all the time, it’s awesome seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

The guests on the show, which won’t air until mid-next year, were Nic Cester (from Jet), Ella Hooper (of Killing Heidi, and the short-lived revival of Spicks and Specks; which wasn’t at all mentioned), Joel Creasy, and Sarah Kendall. 

Other guests were the two Kates from the Katering Show who helped out with one of the segments, and Thirsty Merc who were the outro band playing a version of “Hey ya!” by OutKast. We were sitting in the front row right next to the band, it was loud!

It was funny as, and it will be interesting to see how many of the stories and activities make it to air.

There was Joel’s running long in the Substitute round. The boy cannot sing and his team had a very hard time guessing his songs. 

Then there was Nic’s story about being in a car with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich who got annoyed at their young driver who was told to pull over and was then left at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, thankfully Lars apparently felt bad a short time later and returned to pick the poor guy up and apologise.

On the way out we were given one of the question cards. A very cool souvenir of the night. Ours mentions the change of the millennium, that Adam. Allen, and Myf were actually wearing their original outfits they wore in one of the shows during the 2000s! And a note for them to recreate the pose in the photo.

It was great. Already ‘sold out’, it was free, the final special is being filmed later this week before Adam returns to the UK for his show “The Last Leg”.

A fair bit of TV is made here in Victoria, get out and see some being made! It’s a fun experience.

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