Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is a new TV show about chasing serial killers… we’ve seen these before and this one isn’t really new in its premise. But it does bring The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne back to our screens and that’s always a good thing.

From the little I’ve seen so far it’s a little bit Hannibal and little bit Sherlock. Tom Payne’s character is saddled with the fact his father is a famous serial killer, and he displays similarly psychopathy which allows him to get into the mind of the killers.

With a cast including Lou Diamond Phillips, Bellamy Young, Keiko Agena, and Michael Sheen, it has the ingredients to be a great show.

I think it starts showing on Foxtel on November 1; but it can be found elsewhere now with the first four episodes already having aired in the US. 🤭

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