Hard Quiz Taping

Hard Quiz with Tom Gleeson

Hard Quiz is the only free-to-air TV shows we now watch. We have to watch it on ABC iView as we don’t have an aerial attached to our house. I was very excited to be going.

Before heading into the taping we went to dinner at Saporito Taquito, a great little Mexican restaurant near the ABC Studios that is an Italian restaurant during the day and a Mexican restaurant for dinner service.

The waitress we had was awesome, she explained each dish as it came out, explaining the region of Mexico where the meal originated. The food was delicious

No photos or video allowed in the Hard Quiz taping… it was quite fun. Apparently they are recording enough shows for Hard Quiz to be on every week in 2020 so still plenty of opportunities to go to a taping and see how the half-hour show takes almost 2 hours to make.

I really do love the show. There’s lots of jokes flying around on set. Many of which will likely not make it to air. Lots of awkward pauses, deliberate, for editing. A couple of times where the answer had to go to producers and question writers to see if it’s correct, while they deliberate the audience gets to ask questions.

During times when they were setting up shots, the audience wrangler would ask for questions from the audience. Lots of cool questions and answers. I can’t wait to see the show we went to on TV to see what made it to the show and what ended up on the cutting room floor.

I want to go again!

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