The Shiny is Mine

Apple Watch Edition & iPhone 11 Pro

So, another day, another visit to an Apple Store. This time off to Chadstone Apple Store. Headed out super early in the hope of heading off the queues for phones and watches.

Decided to bite the bullet and get the new Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Ceramic. It’s so beautiful!

My Apple Watch Edition Series 5 - Ceramic, shown here with my Pride 2019 woven sports loop band.

This isn’t the band I chose. I didn’t open the box until we were already on the way home and found they had given me the wrong band. I was after the Alaskan Blue Sports Loop, but they gave me the Alaskan Blue Sport Band. So we had to stop in at Highpoint on the way home and swap the band over.

You actually get two bands with the Edition watches. The ceramic comes with a white sports band, with a fancy white stud rather than the stainless steel + a band of your choosing.

iPhone 11 Pro - Green
iPhone 11 Pro – Green – Image by Apple

In addition to the watch, I got me a shiny new iPhone 11 Pro (not the Max version). It has three cameras on it, a zoom, wide, and ultra-wide.

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