Rethinking How We Build

I saw a talk on TED this morning and I got a bit excited about the prospects it holds. It’s by Ged Finch, a guy in NZ who has been looking a different way of building… and his method seems to be like an overgrown Meccano set, but probably a little more sturdy.

Anyway, it looks impressive, and while modelled out of plywood, I got to wondering how this might go if we could use recycled soft-plastics and plastics to make the sheets we then CNC the parts out of. Figuring it would be cheaper to just have one mould for the sheets than separate moulds for all of the components.

But, if I happen to be a sole winner of the $150 million Powerball this week (well sole along with David), I’ll sure be contact this guy and getting in on the work he’s doing.

I imagine even if the process isn’t good enough for large-scale multi-storey building, it could easily be used to produce temporary housing in times of crisis, or as housing for the homeless. The modular, make-once-use-many-times nature of the elements means we could stock-pile the elements for easy action in times of need. It would also make awesome tiny-homes for those who want to do that type of thing.

Sure he’s one of many who are looking into easy-to-build homes and structures, but I like his method more than many I have seen.

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