Morrison is Deluded

Our Prime Minister… the leader of the party that leads our country (through a coalition and some tenuous favour-found friends).. says we mustn’t be instilling anxiety into our children over climate change. Taking a swipe at Greta Thunberg and the massive global school strike. 

He says he doesn’t have deep conversations about emissions reductions with his 10 and 12 year old girls.

As for anxiety in children. I don’t know about my peers, but as a kid in the 80s the threat of nuclear war scared the bejesus* out of me. Kids know when shit is going on, whether it’s hearing about it on the news, or overhearing it when parents speak about it, or just through their peer network. You don’t need to be the one telling them about something when it has the chance of wiping them out… they’ll hear about it.

Thankfully back then it was all about posturing and a couple of computer errors that almost saw us annihilated by our own actions. But those actions are easy to curtail, we just don’t push the button.

Morrison said “We have to give them that confidence that they’ll have not only a wonderful country and pristine environment to live in, but they’ll also have an economy they can live in as well.”

He wants us to lie to the children around us? Sure let’s give them hope, but let’s not outright lie to them.

Today we have climate change, which of course scientists have been harping on about since the 1980’s but we haven’t been listening. Instead, here in Australia, our seasonal drought periods of months have become decades long. Farmers are literally dying as their land dies around them.

The government can’t come to their aid without admitting the problem. Our land is far from the pristine pastures of the past.

Scott Morrison can’t control what his kids know. Kids are more connected to the world than we were in my youth. They have more power to mobilise and it’s good to see that some are paying attention.

Was the global climate action strike a heartfelt move by all those who participated, probably not, many likely did it to take the day off school. But there will be many others in their ranks that will be inspired by what they were a part of and will take pride in being part of something greater and will continue pushing for a change that needs to happen to protect their futures.

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