Like a Fainting Goat

We have to take Joey to the vet… she has become a fainting goat!

Joey has seizures, has for a while, quite rarely. But the last few days in a row, any time she become a little bit excited she faints very briefly.

The seizures, when she has them, knock her around. She completely passes out and everything lets go (ie she pees and poops), it’s not pleasant. It can take her a bit of time to get back up, for her coordination to return, and sometimes a whole day before she’s back to being herself.

These fainting spells though, she’s down, floppy, but comes back pretty quick, she’s not even really losing consciousness. And she’s up and moving quite quickly after as if it never happened.

I half-joke about the fainting goat, cause she doesn’t actually stiffen up and fall over like they do. But it’s becoming too common now. So off to the vet we go.

She better bloody be OK.

Here's a photo of Sammi, Joey, and Bill resting on their dog bed.
Here’s a photo of Sammi, Joey, and Bill resting on their dog bed.
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