Lego Minifig Series 19 is Here

Lego Minifigure Series 19
Lego Minifigure Series 19

A new set of friends have arrived! Lego has brought us some great minifigs in this series, but also a few “what were they thinking?”.

Let’s start with the ones I’m excited to see:

  • Dog Sitter
    She has some cute overalls, a new doggin fig, a new colour for the French, and a little poop.
  • Shower Guy
    His expression is cool. The shower cap is the cap from the doctor/nurse from series 6. Weirdly the brush in this is typically in Lego sets as a hairbrush. And I guess the rubber-ducky is green because a yellow one would kind of blend in.
  • Fox Costume Girl
    A new addition to the plethora of costumed folk that are appearing in the minifigure series. Her expression is great, it’s very “foxy” given she has the brown coloured chicken in hand, and maybe a few more in her sack.
  • Programmer
    Yay, a girl programmer. Her outfit is cool, and of course, spoiler… the binary on her shirt spells “LEGO”. She is also clearly a mascot for ladies in STEM because she has her robot at heel.
  • Jungle Explorer
    He’s basically the Orienteering guy from Series 16. But Lego’s colouring techniques have improved over the years so now we have a different colour on the bedding roll from the pack. The addition of the Chameleon is sweet.
  • Gardener
    The cute little old-lady gardener, with her pink flamingo and her plant for the planting. She also has different coloured “hands” as gloves.
  • Mountain Biker
    Her mountain bike is quite the addition for a minifigure set. I don’t think we’ve seen an accessory quite this large before. I’ll be after a few of these for sure.
  • Pizza Costume Guy
    He was a gimme for Lego. They just had to repaint the Watermelon Guy from the Lego Movie 2 series. His larger pizza sign makes me think he’s supposed to be one of those guys who stands on the street corner spinning their signs.
  • Rugby Player
    I like this concept, but not really the execution. Maybe he comes with two faces? The one shown here makes him look more like a has-been thank a successful player, which is more what I probably expect to see from lego. But I do really like the ball.
  • Video Game Champ
    E-sports seems to becoming quite the sports phenom in recent times, and Lego is fully supporting this with the new minifig. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t have the little beard though… a small thing that can easily be fixed a head-swap.

The ones I’m not that excited about, and why:

  • Bear Costume Guy
    It’s a Care Bear right? I full expect it to hit us with a “Care Bear Stare” Everyone can see that? But the hodgepodge colouring is just weird.
  • Galactic Bounty Hunter
    I feel like we’ve had enough of these folks, but I guess if I get a bunch of them they might be cool as a gang.
  • Monkey King
    I loved the TV show Monkey from when I was a kid. And I’m sure this fig is about a more traditional Monkey King, but he looks like something straight from Chima, a Lego theme that has disappeared, and one I was never really into.
  • Fire Fighter
    Don’t we have enough fire fighters? Lego City is made up of two main themes… police, and fire fighters. Did Lego just run out of “lady” fig ideas?
  • Fright Knight
    He’s OK, but I just don’t love him. He might surprise me when I have one in my hands, as other figs in the past have, so we’ll see.
  • Mummy Queen
    I like her, I do, I love the concept. but I think her colouring is off, well the headpiece mainly. The teally-green feels a little wrong.
Lego Minifigure Series 19 – Blind Bag

So today I’ll start hunting and feeling packets, looking for multiples of the ones I want, and singles for those I need to ensure I have a complete set.

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