Look at this gorgeous face… I love this dog so freaking much.

My black cocker spaniel Joey

Sadly, at 8 years of age my Joey is dying. After xrays, ultrasounds, and a full-body CT it has been diagnosed that she has advanced pulmonary fibrosis. The vet said were she a human she’d need to go on the transplant list, but we don’t have that for doggins.

We will have 6-12 more months with Joey before her lungs become too scarred to function and we’ll need to say goodbye.

It’s pretty messed up that we have to go through this, but the joy our pets bring to our lives is incalculable. 

Joey will continue to be my companion as we sit on the lounge and watch TV, her across my lap. I’ll continue to sneak her food from my plate when the other dogs aren’t looking, and I’ll continue to hug her with all my might and let her know just how much I love her. And I will have the strength to say goodbye when it’s time and not hold onto her for my own selfish reasons when life is no longer good for her.

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