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Christine Dennis' - My Dog Was Called Rosie

When I saw this photo last night during our Camera Club Judging I wanted to swear; I was so in love with it… Chrisy’s self portrait titled “My Dog was called Rosie” tugs at my heart so hard it almost pulls it from my chest.

Most dog owners, those who cherish their pets, will know the sadness Christine has captured in her own eyes. The emotion is stark and it slaps the viewer across the face, ready or not… and isn’t that what a photo is supposed to do?

The clarity across the image adds to the rawness of the conveyed emotion. The lighting is sublime. Had I made this shot, I may have thought to go darker, to help convey an emotion of loss, but there’s no way it is required in this set up.

A powerful portrait, I hope Christine chooses to shop this one around the awards circuit, particularly the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

It may not seem right to single out just one image from the plethora of great images on display last night, and that’s why I’d doing this personally, as I was personally moved by this image. Over the years we’ve seen awesome growth in Christine’s work. I’d be surprised if she’s not elevated to Grade A for 2020.

I’m always finding happiness in the growth of others and seeing them embrace their talent and achieve success in their work.

Thank you Christine for sharing this image and its message with us. I’ve felt your loss in every dog I’ve had that has passed, and I dread the mortality of my current Cockers who are reaching a certain age. 😓

You can see more of Christine’s work on her Instagram Feed.

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