Beaten Beats

I have been sitting on replacing my Beats headphones for a couple of years now. In recent times they have started leaving debris in my ears as the covering comes off them, it’s a bit annoying. But other than that, these were perfect.

David got a a new pair of Sony headphones recently so he gave me his old Beats, and I have been using them for a few months, only going back to mine when I forget to charge David’s old pair. It has been nice to have the backup.

But in the last few days David’s have developed a white noise problem in the left ear… weather connected to a device or not. It has been quite annoying. So I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy some new pads from a third party. You can’t buy them directly from Apple, the maker of Beats, but you can pay Apple to repair your headphones, though most reports I have seen say Apple charge you 75% of the value of the headphones and then just swap them out.

That’s too much money for me to spend right now, especially with the Apple announcement that was coming up. So for $26 I got a set of pads from Amazon, Prime delivery. They were arriving today so I had to prepare my headphones for their arrival… then I dropped them 😩

My perfectly good headphones suddenly had a very wonky right arm. Thank goodness for gaffers tape! Almost good as new once more. 🤣

My new pads are Burgundy. I couldn’t get the same blue as they were, and so I thought I may as well go for a good contrasting colour. Will update with a complete pic once I have them and they are cured.

Beats No More

Argh… so the new pads look great… but in putting them on I dropped my beats once more. And now they are kaput!

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