Shoot Prep

Putting together a prop list for a shoot. The cost adds up quickly when you’re hiring props. And of course one must source a good model for the shoot to complete the idea in my head.

I’m already at a couple of hundred dollars just in props, plus a couple of outfits, and then the model.

Will need to be a nice compliant model given I’d want to shoot early in the morning, in winter (or early spring) in the Bacchus Marsh region, in the bush, they’ll be clad in limited clothing so it will be very chilly, but it will be worth it… cross your fingers for me.

It’ll probably actually be early spring, once we’re back from NZ and we get on top of some of the work we have on. But I need to get back to shooting.

Sadly I can’t find my original sketch for the idea, else I’d share it. I think it’s disappeared during one of my iPad upgrades. 🤦‍♂️ But it’s still in my brain.

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