We have a client who lost a bunch of money to a scammer when his mum let them into their family computer thinking she had to because of an issue with their computer.

It’s hard to believe people fall for these scams, but they do, so let people know. If people you do not know ask you to install TeamViewer, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or anything like that, don’t do it.

If someone rings you and tells you you have a virus, they are lying to you. 

If they ring you and tell you you have a refund available for a service you didn’t even sign up for, they are lying to you. 

If they tell you they have $1,000 to give you but first they need you to pay a deposit, or they need your credit card number to send it to you, they are lying. 

If someone calls you and tells you a friend on facebook, and they’ll usually use a real friend’s name, is stuck somewhere and has asked them to call you so you can send them some money to get home again, they are lying to you.

These happen over the phone, or by messenger, or SMS, if you don’t know these people don’t engage with them, just hang up, or delete their messages.

Too many scams going on, and the proliferation of them can only mean it’s working… but if people used a little bit of commonsense it wouldn’t happen.

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