Recycling to Landfill

Sad state of affairs, our council is now sending recyclables to landfill. 😥

Moorabool Shire Council's notification about recycling collections going to landfill.

We need to pick up our recycling game… it’s a sign that China really does have the west by the proverbial… recycling isn’t the only industry for which we rely on China.

There are some companies that turn soft plastics into park benches and other useful items, surely we can figure out things to do with our other crap.

Of course, it would be nice if manufacturers would use less packaging. Particularly in the realm of fresh produce which seemingly all comes in plastic these days.

As you can see from the post above, this is happening because the recycling centre that would usually handle our recycling waste has gone into receivership. Because we are all so good at recycling these days the value of recycled waste has dropped dramatically and because China is no longer taking our garbage our recycling facilities have nowhere to send what they can’t sell. So it is just sitting in massive warehouses.

Of course our council doesn’t actually have its own waste facilities, we have “transfer stations” which collect and truck our waste off to other councils to deal with.

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