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“‘Three greedy judges’ claims are wrong, says Gary Mehigan”

Gazza is joining George in his claim they didn’t want more money… the financials, he says, were already worked out. Garry says with money sorted they were trying to limit the time they had to give to Channel 10 and MasterChef so they could explore their own ventures, as a team of three.

But of course, anyone knowing basic maths can figure out that if the money is sorted, for a perceived amount of time, and then that time shrinks, but the money doesn’t, then your effectively getting more money for your time.

Further, these three men are a brand beyond Masterchef especially when they work together, it’s a brand that Channel 10 has fostered for over 10 years, a brand they have a stake in.

So when these three men, present themselves as a panel of three and tell Channel 10 they want the money they’ve agreed to, but for less time so they have more time to go off together and make more money through more opportunities, without Channel 10, it’s understandable Channel 10 might be a little annoyed… it’s likely this was a sticking point for 10 and probably what brought them undone.

I’m sure channel 10 saw them as a little greedy when they wanted to take what channel 10 has built for them and continue to be paid for it, while also making their own money from it.

And MasterChef has become a literal shit show. We gave up on it years ago when the 3 minutes after coming back from an ad was a replay of what you had just seen, as if they were playing to a bunch of goldfish. The gaps between ads became shorter, and everything becomes a crazy challenge instead of people impressing the audience with their skills in the kitchen.

Maybe some new judges will also be an opportunity for 10 to rethink the series and look at the format as it used to be. But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we don’t actually watch free-to-air these days anyway, so I’m not really the target audience any more.

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