4 Seasons Tree

There are so many cool ideas on the Lego Ideas portal, all vying for eyes and supporters to reach the 10,000 supporters to make it to a Lego review panel in the hope of becoming an official set.

I check in occasionally, and was prompted to today because Lego is advertising a new approved project “Central Perk” from “Friends”. I’m a bit meh about Central Perk, I’m over white minifigs, I much prefer when everyone is yellow, but it still got me there where I found this amazing set “Four Seasons” by Krakenbrix.

I’d love to see a set like this made, it has so many great details. But I fear that even if it gets the required 10,000 supporters it wouldn’t make it through the review process because Lego recently launched a massive Tree House set.

It would be great to see the two combined.

I’ve supported Four Seasons. It’s beautiful work.

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