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Wannabe Puppeteer

Talk about being an ideas person… I come up with a lot of them, one thing I really like is puppets, Muppets, and marionettes. Puppetry intrigues me.

“The Muppets” was by far one of my favourite shows as a kid, and Jim Henson’s other works like “Fraggle Rock”, “The Dark Crystal”, and of course “Labyrinth” are works I have loved. They have certainly all driven my love of puppetry.

As a kid I remember stopping at a roadside store near Coffs Harbour and in this store they had some marionette emus. Getting one of my own is a treasured memory, learning how to make it walk convincingly was all-consuming as a young kid.

These days, one of my favourite possessions is my Pinocchio marionette we picked some time ago on our way back from a road trip to Yarra Valley. I can’t remember how much he cost, but I had to have him. The store we stopped at by chance was full of very cool puppets of different varieties. I could have bought a truckload!

Pinocchio marionette
My Pinocchio

The Pinocchio has inspired a few ideas in my brain. He’s made out of some kind of modelling clay, his paint job, clouting and mechanics are divine. I want to make my own, and have wanted to for some time. But I’m more ideas than execution.

One of my ideas for a marionette his to make a bee. I’ve drawn the basics of its workings, and have pretty much been thinking, since this drawing, of how to make the legs and antenna work and how I might changes this rigging to produce natural movement.

Next step is to make some prototypes… one day I’ll get around to it.

Daily Life

CarPlay’s UI Update

CarPlay is getting some nice UI updates in the up-coming iOS 13 release. This is a preview from the developer beta, I really like this new layout option. Makes everything much more accessible.