The Great Hack

The Great Hack” on Netflix is an eye-opener.

Two things came out of it… 

  1. If you’re old you were targeted to vote.
  2. If you’re young, we were targeted to be apathetic about elections, and therefore not vote.

Because they found it was harder to manipulate a youth to vote one way or another, much easier to tell them just don’t vote.

And because they know it was much easier to manipulate the older population most often through xenophobia.

So while Cambridge Analytica may be no more in their old form, their influence lives on through the continued sharing of their type of propaganda, and the campaigns that employed them will continue to use their methods continue the manipulation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s a new world, and we continue to share our information willingly with the company that provided the data and still warehouses our data to this day.

Whatcha gonna do.

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