The Boys

The Boys

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“The Boys” can only be described as an anti-hero story. In this world supes are a known commodity and there’s a group known as The 7 who are the pinnacle of the supers… but are they as nice as they are marketed to be?

I can kind of see why Netflix has dropped subs this year. Some of their new shows are just a bit off… a show that should be good “Another Life” is a show that’s filled with under-30s who hold positions on a space mission they never could in real life, purely because of the life experience they would need to do what they are supposedly doing.

There seems to be this need to appeal to the young demo by only casting young people. But it kills the credibility of the story. Never before have so many shows been ruined by casting.

Amazon’s Prime Video on the other hand is producing some cool things, they continue with “The Man in the High Castle”, “The Marvellous Mrs Maisel”, “Good Omens”, “Jack Ryan”, “NOS4A2”, “Goliath”, and others. None of which are building themselves on the idea they need to appeal to a younger audience at the expense of a good story.

Oh, and “The Boys” is not a show you can watch with the kiddies. There’s sex, drugs, gruesome deaths, and swearing throughout. 🤭

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