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Imaging Results

I have found the real fault with the government’s My Health Record… and it’s not that I’m worried about it being hacked… it’s that I can no longer steam open my results before I go back to the doctor 🤣

The reports are there, but they are locked for 7 days after the report was uploaded, so your doctor can be the first to let you know. But of course, if your doctor’s office doesn’t use My Health Record then you have to wait the couple of days for the radiologist’s report to get to them the old fashion way.

I’ve been x-rayed enough to remember the olden days when you’d get it done, and your film and report would be sent back to the doctor, then there was a time when you’d be expected to wait an hour or so and they’d give you the film and report… and this was the good time, cause you could open the report and read it before you went back to your doctor.

These days though, there’s not even any film… last time I was given something it was a CD with an encrypted thing that had to be opened with a special program, which is no doubt defunct.

And I like seeing my film. I like to see my X-rays, not just the report. And not because I want to make my own diagnosis, just I’m forever fascinated about the machinations of our bodies.

Anyway, to allay concerns, I got X-rays because I have pain in my right leg and left upper arm that has been there for some time, and they are just ruling out bad things. The doctor tells me that muscle wasting is a symptom of diabetes, the pain however predates my diabetes. We’ll find out on Friday if these x-rays are all clear when I see my doctor for the results. I’m sure David is right and it’s just that I have a severe case of hypochondria. 🤦‍♂️

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