Lizzo, already legendary

Lizzo was hard for me to get into, there’s a bit of swearing on her tracks that stand out like the proverbial dogs’ balls, as they say. And while I’m not adverse to swearing in general I’m not one to seek it out either.

When David first played her album, I was like ‘meh, it’s OK’.

Then I saw the video for ‘Juice’ and I was instantly converted. I think I’ve watched it 50 times.

The joy in that video is very cool. And I’m drawn to joy in other people. I love seeing people having fun doing what they do. And Lizzo loves what she does.

I’ve watched a bunch of live performances of the song, including her stint at Glastonbury this year. On the occasions where she breaks out her flute on stage and brings it live to the track I’m in awe.

I imagined Lizzo was this meek little band geek who sprang out of her past and is laying her truth on the future. But now after seeing this video from ‘The New York Times’ it’s clear she’s always been the baddest b*tch, she’s just been waiting for us to catch up and for the spotlight to find her.

Lizzo’s joy is infectious, I encourage everyone to find their joy and live it.

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