I’m Still Standing

Our sit/stand desks are coming today… 🙃

Long time coming… making a decision as to which to buy was quite hard… had to consider which would provide the best support without wobble… hopefully we made a good choice.

We’re using our current desktops for now, we may replace them later, but they are good enough for now.

Our current desks are silverlegged, but we went with black this time around because it was $100 cheaper per unit.

I really wanted to spend a premium and get a 4-leg-style frame that is built for sit/stand 4-metre conference tables… but David said that was likely overkill. ðŸĪŠ I bet it would have been sturdy though.

Our final order was 2x: desk frame, cable management, 4-plug power station, and anti-fatigue mat.

Will update our sit-stand progress as we go along.

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