Crop to Zoom

When people ask why I like having the 42 megapixels of the Sony A7RIII I always say it’s because I like having the pixels to play with in post… 

Last night I took my camera along to our camera club meeting to capture the room. I was not expecting that Mieke would be so forthcoming with all the information she presented on screen. I only had my 16-35mm lens but on seeing the information but wanted to capture it.

So in these shots you can see I was at 26mm at the rear of the room and BECAUSE I have all those extra pixels, I was still able to zoom in on the information on the screen.

Not the greatest quality, but enough to read the information quite clearly. Sure it would have been better had I brought along a longer lens, but we make do with what we have.

Also, because I was using a mirrorless camera, those in attendance didn’t have to hear my shutter click-clacking all night as I used the electronic shutter and silent shooting mode.

In short though, this is just to say that I have lots of source material from last night from which to make some meeting notes… coming soon.

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