Video Pre-meeting

We met with Kerrie from Puppy Tales Rescue. We’ll be going back out and seeing her again soon to make a video for the Marsh Monster Mash site to promote them and the event.  

Puppy Tales Rescue is based in Bacchus Marsh and at any one time Kerrie has between 10-40 dogs in her system. Most out with foster carers while waiting to be adopted and re-homed.

Caring for mostly smaller breeds of dogs, Puppy Tales Rescue, a registered charity, takes in dogs from unexpected places like the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs’ Home, two places I thought would have had good systems for handling the care of dogs… but apparently Puppy Tales gets a lot of the dogs requiring high levels of medical care, dogs that have been abused, or with a few issues. The ones that are harder to adopt out.

While with their foster carers, the dogs are socialised and taught to live with people and other dogs.

She’s doing good work, she cares for the doggins whether they are with her for a day (which happened recently with one doggin) or a year. Sometimes her work is hampered by red tape of our local council.

She has been located in two other councils in the past, Wyndham and Melton and both gave her set ups where she registered he own dogs, but then had a floating registration for 10 dogs to cover her rescues that would be going in and out.

Here in Bacchus Marsh she is restricted to two pets. Our registration process is a nightmare here for breeders and dog rescue places. When a dog changes, either through death or through adoption, they are expected to complete a new “planning permit” when a new dog comes in. It can cost a lot of money to do this, and that isn’t very conducive to a rescue who literally has dogs coming and going.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, there’ll be a new video coming soon. I just have to think of the questions I want to ask and then put it all together. It’s nice to give back occasionally.

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