Is Issy Gay?

Or just a hateful piece of sh*t?

One has no choice but to feel sorry for someone like Israel Folau… history has shown us time, and time, and time again: those who hold such public contempt for gay people are dealing with their own homosexual tendencies.

This isn’t an attack on him, it’s an earnest concern for his wellbeing. It must tear him up inside having to right himself with his god all the time because of how he feels in his core.

Maybe, just maybe, this is not the case, and he’s just a high-profile hateful mouthpiece for his church… but again, history shows it’s usually self-hatred that leads to this spewing of BS against a single group of people.

If you believe in a magic sky man, and you are the praying kind, pray for Israel… may he find peace and live his life for him rather than an imaginary being who should have zero impact on how one lives one’s life.

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