Religion in Decline

There is still a lot of shit-talk in the news about how the religious are some kind of power the parties need to cower down to out of fear of losing an election.

There has been a few reports suggesting the religious freedom was a game changer in our last election, and a fear of religious persecution was the reason Labor lost the un-losable election… but it’s just not so.

It was fear of “others” that lost the election. A look at the content in Clive Palmers 60-80 million in ad-spend bears that out.

Religion is in decline. The stats show it to be so. What we’re seeing is the religious zealots attempting to prevent the downfall of their highly profitable way of life. They’re being the squeaky wheel… they’re not at all powerful, and it’s time we let them know they need to take their place in history.

The more developed a nation, the lower rate of religion, the higher the rate of social thinking. The world will be a better place once we’ve removed organised religion from our nations.

Books Daily Life

The Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding, Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum. By Norman Lindsay.

I keep my books, always have, much to the vexation of those who have to share my space. I was looking for one the other day on my bookshelf and came across my ratty copy of “The Magic Pudding”. Bought for me in 1983, in fact the date I got it was 20/10/83… I know because I wrote my name, address, and the date I got it inside the cover! 

First published in 1918… “The Magic Pudding” is one of the many books I loved as a kid. What’s not to love. A sentient pudding, owned by three travellers, who never have to worry where their next meal is coming from because they have a magically regenerating pudding to feast on. If only they can avoid the scheming pudding thieves.

A lovely story, with poems by Norman Lindsay throughout, it’s still a joy to read.

” O, who would be a puddin’,
A puddin’ in a pot,
A puddin’ which is stood on,
A fire which is hot,
O sad indeed the lot,
Of puddin’s in a pot.

” I wouldn’t be a puddin’
If I could be a bird, 
If I could be a wooden
Doll, I wouldn’t say a word.
Yes, I have often heard,
It’s grand to be a bird.

” But as I am a puddin’
A puddin’ in a pot,
I hope you get a stomachache
For eating’ me a lot.
I hope you get it hot,
You puddin’-eatin’ lot ! “

Over 100 years old now, I felt it was a timeless Australian story my now-New Zealand kin need for their kids’ bookshelf so I sent new a copy across the Straight. I hope they enjoy the story as much as I have.


Lego People Pack 60230

More Lego City Space sets are coming… and I want them all… Lego Space was my favourite series as a kid, tied in with my love of SciFi books and movies it ensured space was everywhere in my life.

Well “60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development” is one of the upcoming sets and it is a minifigure set. Lego have done a few in the last couple of years. They’re a great way to get some more clothing, face, and hair options for your figs.

Lego People Pack 60230 Space Research and Development

I’m loving some of the pieces in this set. The clothing, the geodes, the faces. But one thing that’s a little disconcerting is the guy with the alien head on a stick before the camera, with laughter on his face. Likely it’s supposed to be a joke for the camera. But it would have been nicer if they’d made it a flat cardboard-like piece instead of a piece they have used for a minifig in the past. It kind of looks like he’s parading around with the head of an alien they have just plucked off a body.