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Folau Fail

There was a time when Israel Folau was quite happy to support equality and to “tackle homophobia” in sport. He was a proud supporter of the Bingham Cup*.

But in recent times he has been quite aggressive in his proselytising and claiming that homosexuals and other enemies of his god are destined for hell.

Good question to ask is what happened between then and recent times, what has radicalised him in this way?

I of course don’t believe in his god, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but I do understand that he has voice and a platform which he has since chosen to use to spread hate and to vilify people who don’t believe in the unprovable garbage he believes.

*The Bingham Cup is a Rugby Union competition made up of gay teams from around the world in honour of Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93 who fought back, with other passengers, against the terrorist on Sept 11, 2001 and prevented the plane he was on reaching it’s populated target. Mark played with a local rugby team in his home city in California.

Daily Life

Marsh Monster Mash

Marsh Monster Mash Website Screenshot

Our business, Programmable Soda, likes to give back to our local community when we can, and for the last few years we have donated our time and expenses to the Marsh Monster Mash.

I think they originally contacted us as Bacchus Marsh Photography to photograph the event, or be at the event, but the event was on during a weekend we had to go away for so we couldn’t do it. We did however note they didn’t have a web presence so we offered to create one for them.

Well we’ve just revamped the whole site from top to bottom for the 2019 event.

Visit the new Marsh Monster Mash website and add it to your calendar if you’re around at the end of October.

It’s a fun event for the whole family, especially if you get dressed up! It raises money for a different charity each year, and this year is Puppy Tales Rescue and Rehoming Inc. A worth cause. We’ll be seeing them next week to record a video promo with them, as we also do each year, so keep an eye out for that one.

Daily Life

We Lost Gun Control

Screen cap from Madonna's 'God Control' video.

America is a weird nation… they went to war for the lost of 3,000 people on September 11th, a war that has cost them trillions and trillions of dollars.

Yet over 45,000 people die each year there because they don’t have health insurance and therefore don’t have access to basic medical services.

And over 36,000 people die due to gun violence, and over 100,000 more are injured due to guns.

Yet these two major issues in the US are never addressed, well they are I guess, those in power suppress the issue at every turn because there is so much damn money to be made in the sale of health insurance, health services, and guns.

Madonna has just released her latest video clip “God Control”, it’s not for the weak of heart.

I opens with a disclaimer foretelling the violence that will be depicted, it then goes on to show the night of a shooting in reverse. Remember those of the LGBTI+ community that were gunned down in Pulse nightclub, the opening scenes are hard to watch.

But, as I listened to the song when it was first released, I thought, she’s not singing “God control” so it is nice to know my old ears aren’t failing me… and it’s nice to see Madonna still fighting for a cause occasionally. See Madonna’s God Control Music Video.

Daily Life

The Allusionist Live

We went to the Howler in Melbourne to see Helen Zaltzman’s “Allusionist Live” show. I made David sit in the front row.

Been listening to her podcast for a while now. It’s all about language, I love that stuff. 🤓

Dragged David along, so I had someone to go with, though, given Helen sold out three shows here, I likely know others who are listeners. 🧐

Helen’s show was all about titles… especially pronoun-based titles, like Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Doctor, etc. It was funny, and witty.

Checkout The Allusionist Podcast.

Daily Life

Stroboscopic Photography

Doing some homework for our camera club meeting on Tuesday… playing with the stroboscopic feature of my flash.

It’s not something I’ve really done before, but hey, I still got roped in to being the one to do the presentation about it.


Video Pre-meeting

We met with Kerrie from Puppy Tales Rescue. We’ll be going back out and seeing her again soon to make a video for the Marsh Monster Mash site to promote them and the event.  

Puppy Tales Rescue is based in Bacchus Marsh and at any one time Kerrie has between 10-40 dogs in her system. Most out with foster carers while waiting to be adopted and re-homed.

Caring for mostly smaller breeds of dogs, Puppy Tales Rescue, a registered charity, takes in dogs from unexpected places like the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs’ Home, two places I thought would have had good systems for handling the care of dogs… but apparently Puppy Tales gets a lot of the dogs requiring high levels of medical care, dogs that have been abused, or with a few issues. The ones that are harder to adopt out.

While with their foster carers, the dogs are socialised and taught to live with people and other dogs.

She’s doing good work, she cares for the doggins whether they are with her for a day (which happened recently with one doggin) or a year. Sometimes her work is hampered by red tape of our local council.

She has been located in two other councils in the past, Wyndham and Melton and both gave her set ups where she registered he own dogs, but then had a floating registration for 10 dogs to cover her rescues that would be going in and out.

Here in Bacchus Marsh she is restricted to two pets. Our registration process is a nightmare here for breeders and dog rescue places. When a dog changes, either through death or through adoption, they are expected to complete a new “planning permit” when a new dog comes in. It can cost a lot of money to do this, and that isn’t very conducive to a rescue who literally has dogs coming and going.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, there’ll be a new video coming soon. I just have to think of the questions I want to ask and then put it all together. It’s nice to give back occasionally.

Rants Religion

Is Issy Gay?

Or just a hateful piece of sh*t?

One has no choice but to feel sorry for someone like Israel Folau… history has shown us time, and time, and time again: those who hold such public contempt for gay people are dealing with their own homosexual tendencies.

This isn’t an attack on him, it’s an earnest concern for his wellbeing. It must tear him up inside having to right himself with his god all the time because of how he feels in his core.

Maybe, just maybe, this is not the case, and he’s just a high-profile hateful mouthpiece for his church… but again, history shows it’s usually self-hatred that leads to this spewing of BS against a single group of people.

If you believe in a magic sky man, and you are the praying kind, pray for Israel… may he find peace and live his life for him rather than an imaginary being who should have zero impact on how one lives one’s life.


Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones season 3, the final season (on Netflix), is a heady, gritty ride. I love Jones’ new sassy assistant. I love the more powerful Malcom portrayed by Eka Darville, he has a great look this season. The story is quite the rollercoaster.

I say “on Netflix” because it seems Disney is clawing back all of their Marvel titles that Netflix has done good work with for their own streaming service they are planning to launch in the near future. We’ll see how that plays out.