Loss Leader

Saw an interesting post of twitter implying Clive Palmer may have been a Liberal shill this Election. The UAP ran with some solid US vs THEM messaging that is expected from Clive and his ilk, and wouldn’t be tolerated if it was directly done by any of the major parties as blatantly.

He spend a crapload of money (Some suggest more than $60,000,000) and ran candidates in all 151 electorates, something no other minor party came close to.

The belief being he’s done this to hand the fringe vote to the Lib/Nats and now asking what is he likely to get in return. Because if he was really after his own seats he would have picked fewer seats to contest and poured all that money into just those electorates he thought he might be able to win, but he didn’t do that… instead he ran in ALL electorates and handed his losing votes to the Liberal/National Coalition, handing them the election and no doubt creating a bunch of chits for him to cash in at a later date.

Let’s keep an eye on this one and see what comes Clive’s way over the next few years. 🤔

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