Lego Masters Australia

Lego Masters Australia

First up, thanks to everyone who contacted me about Lego Masters Australia to let me know it was on… I had been waiting for it for a while.

It’s Lego so I like it… and I love seeing what people can do with Lego so much better than I could ever imagine.

But… there are a few things I don’t love about it just yet.


I’ve seen the UK version of Lego Masters, and I really like their format. They start with a small task and then have a bigger task in the episode. 

In the Australian version they just jumped right into this massive 15 hour build… crazy ambitious. It was cool what most of them did. There was a worthy winner, but man I loved the Oil Rig guys and their church build.


I’m finding it hard hearing a grown man being referred to as “Brickman”, especially when he has a perfectly good, very recognisable name. 

“Ryan McNaught”, see simple enough and yet from what I recall they didn’t use his actual a single time in the show, he was just introduced as “Brickman” and referred to that throughout the show by Hamish, the host, and the contestants.

I don’t know why, but it really did bugged me.


No kids! The competitors I love so much from the UK version have been the kids. In both seasons they’ve had over there they’ve had child competitors who have done some amazing things and brought the whole child-like fun of Lego to the show.

I’m guessing the $100,000 prize money is reason for the lack of kids. It’s a sad loss of character for the show.


I’m only one episode in, maybe I should hold off on too much judgement; though it seems like it’s only going to be a four episode run… far too short. Any Lego on our screens is good screen time. I should thank Channel 9 for running with it.

We also have a US version to look forward currently in production. Hopefully they don’t rule out the child element.

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