Election Woes

My poor brain is breaking trying to figure out why this election is so close! How are the coalition not being trounced. What did Labor do so wrong in Queensland?

Appears the United Australia Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation are helping the libs out.

I guess the ignorant fear campaigns still play well with voters in Australia. 😓

One positive, kind of, Tony Abbot is out. ABC called his seat for Steggall. It’s a loss but a win for Tony. As a former Prime Minister, he has a ticket to a cushy retirement. As a back-bencher (as he was going into this election) he would have been on around $220,000 a year. As a retired PM his pension is something like $350,000 + an Office + Staff + Travel… until he dies and all at the expense of the Australian people. No other job in the land works that way, where you keep getting paid after you’re out.

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