Democracy Day 2019

I voted over a week ago, but if you haven’t yet, today is the day.

And if you’re voting today please remember a few of things:

  1. Your vote is important. Consider your candidates: On the big white paper, vote below the line, then you don’t have to care about who the candidates are giving their preferences to.
  2. If you’re voting where they’re serving democracy sausages buy one… you’ll likely be voting at a school, they need all the help with fund raising they can get. Buy a snag on some white bread, put a little tomato sauce on it… enjoy the taste of freedom, while putting a bit of coin in the pocket of your local polling place.
  3. Remember, this is not your only way to influence our political landscape. Once the election is over, even if it didn’t go the way you wanted, you have access to your local member, and every member of parliament. If you have an issue you’d like to share an opinion about write to them or call their office. It’s their job to represent you, even if you didn’t vote for them.

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