Chernobyl on HBO
Chernobyl on HBO

Are we all watching “Chernobyl”?

Amazing dramatisation of the events in 1986 at the power plant in Chernobyl, based on real accounts from multiple sources. It’s an amazing piece of TV.

One thing the makers did was abandoned the use accents in the movie… so it’s a Russian story with English, American and other voices.

I’ve read “Voices of Chernobyl” a haunting book of stories from the people who lived through the disaster. It’s an event that changed the world.

“Chernobyl” the show is accompanied by a Podcast where the writer of the show talks about the episodes.

In the first episode of the podcast he talks about how we’re kind of lucky this happened in Russia, a communist country that could easily conscript workers to go into harm’s way and deal with the disaster. In a western country it likely would have been a much bigger disaster.

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