But Grains of Sand…

If you believe Alan Jones’ BS about our one grain of rice not making a difference, and if you’re thinking of voting for a party that doesn’t have a climate change policy or has a commitment to fossil fuels. Then don’t vote… your vote is just one in a pool of millions, how much of a difference can it make? 

Why be so stupid to think that your one little vote can make a difference given you think our addition to the CO2 emissions aren’t worth the worry?

You’re just one person, don’t vote, you can’t make a difference, the idea you can is just a hoax! – Or so Alan Jones would have you believe.

Instead of “It’s just one grain of rice” as if how could that do any harm… Jone’s response should have been… “How amazing and frightening that that one grain of rice is so incredibly dangerous.”

Meanwhile, don’t you love that his tie and pocket square match the set, and even the bowl they used blends in nicely! I’ve never watched Alan Jones on Sky News before, is it typical for the set to match is choice of accent colours?

Read more about it and see the video on The New Matilda

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